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Vintage Car Storage

vintage car storage

Vintage Car Storage

A vintage car is not simply another means of transportation. It is far more than that. Vintage cars represent many hours – and sometimes years - of loving care and restoration. Your vintage car deserves more than being parked outside under a thin sheet cover, or in a messy garage where people and tools can bump and scratch it. Your vintage car deserves the best protection available – and you will find it here.

Before moving your vintage car into a storage facility, prepare the car to ensure it stays in tip-top shape:
Change the oil, as dirty oil contains water and acids that can lead to rust if left for long.
Fill the petrol tank up as full as possible – this will prevent sediment from getting into the fuel line.
Clean the car thoroughly, and detail it inside and out. Finish off with a layer of wax for protection.
Finally, cover the car with a breathable cloth cover.

To ensure peace of mind for all our customers, we have a security company based on the premises, offering 24 hour surveillance and security. You can feel safe using our vintage car storage facilities.

This page was last edited on 18 September 2017