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Document Storage

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Off Site Document Storage

The real estate for your business is expensive. Why waste precious space storing boxes and boxes of documents? Rather free up the space for something more productive – such as growing your business.

Document storage is designed to support your business needs. It provides you with safe and secure options to store your important documents, resulting in more office space for your business. By using document storage you save money, gain space and increased productivity, and get peace of mind too knowing your documents are safe.

How to properly store your important documents:
Firstly make sure you have the correct boxes. Filing boxes are designed to be right shape for documents, and are made sturdy enough to hold the weight without breaking.
Don’t overfill the boxes – ensure the lid closes easily and the sides don’t’ bulge. Bulging boxes don’t stack as well and could end up tipping over.
Place files upright so the labels can easily be read, with all the labels facing the same way.
Store CDs and DVDs in individual cases before placing in the boxes.
Label the boxes (for security purposes, you can rather code the boxes, and have it link to master list you keep with you).

To ensure peace of mind for all our business customers, we have a security company based on the premises, offering 24 hour surveillance and security. Your business documents will be safe in our document storage facilities.

This page was last edited on 17 March 2017