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Compare Self Storage Prices

Different types of storage have different costs. There are two main things to take into consideration – what will it be used for, and how big will it be? Indoor storage will be more expensive than outdoor storage. Indoor storage can include standard units, refrigerated units, and high security units. Each type of unit will have a different cost.

The size of the storage unit will also have an effect on the price. The bigger the unit, the higher the monthly cost. You can get units from as small as 1m3, to units that can fit a boat. You will likely need a smaller unit than you think – when looking at your items in your home, they seem to take up a lot of space. But if packed efficiently, they will actually take up much less space.

If you are unsure about what type and size of storage unit you need, speak to the manager at the self storage facility. They will be able to guide on you on choosing the best units for your needs, so you don’t end up wasting money.

Cape Town has some innovative micro storage starting from just R270 per month while in Johannesburg a 4m2 storage space is going for only R399 per month. Note that these prices are Storage Specials and are limited (correct in March 2017).

Self Storage in Johannesburg

Self Storage Prices in Johannesburg

Telephone: 076 547 7909

Storage Size Cost per month
4 m2 R399 (special, limited offer)
10 m2 R750 (special, limited offer)
14 m2 R999 (special, limited offer)
Car Storage R999 (indoor)
Caravan R999 (indoor)
Trailer / Boat R999 (indoor)



mini storage Cape Town
Self Storage in Cape Town, mini storage

Self Storage Prices in Cape Town

Telephone: 021 386 0386

Storage Size Cost per month
1 m3 R270
3 m2 R530
4 m2 R630
5 m2 R720
6 m2 R790
9 m2 R970
12 m2 R1210
15 m2 R1490
18 m2 R1570
24.5 m2 R1920
Car Storage R970 (shade cloth)
Caravan R970 (shade cloth)
Trailer / Boat R970 (shade cloth)



Caravan storage Durban
Caravan and Boat Storage in Durban

Self Storage Prices in Durban

Telephone: 087 944 6427

Storage Size Cost per month
5 m2 R550
9 m2 R950
12 m2 R1200
15 m2 R1300
18 m2 R1485
Car Storage R450
Caravan R550 (shade cloth)
Trailer / Boat R550 (shade cloth)



self storage units in Port Elizabeth
Self Storage in Port Elizabeth

Self Storage Prices in Port Elizabeth

Telephone: 041 581 0904

Storage Size Cost per month
4.8 m2 R600
12 m2 R950
15 m2 R1100


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