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Caravan Storage

Caravan Storage

Price of Self Storage in Johannesburg

A caravan is fantastic to have here in South Africa – there are so many beautiful places to go camping with the family. However, it is not something that is used regularly, perhaps more like once a year at most. What happens often is that caravans sit outside in the driveway or in the garden. They get dirty, weather-beaten, and maybe even a bit rusty. There’s also the chance an opportunist will attempt to steal the caravan.

Rather than letting that investment go to waste, store your caravan in a secure, protected storage facility. By using an indoor storage facility, your caravan is locked away in a secured facility, and protected from the sun and rain. You can even store extra items (like sleeping bags and camping chairs) in your caravan while it is in storage, saving you some valuable storage space.

Be sure to remove all gas cylinders and the battery before putting the caravan in storage. Give the interior a thorough clean, including the fridge (and remember to keep the fridge door ajar), and finally cover with a breathable caravan cover and you are good to go!

We have a security company based on the premises offering 24 hour surveillance and security. You be sure your caravan is safe in storage facilities.

This page was last edited on 17 March 2017