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Boat Storage

Boat Storage

Do you need a way to keep your boat clean, dry, and safe in the off season? Consider our indoor boat storage for your lady of the sea.

Owning (and maintaining) a boat is an expensive hobby. Keep the maintenance costs down and prolong the life of your boat by keeping the boat in a covered, dry, and safe storage facility while you are not using it.

Some tips to keep your stored boat in good condition:
Before bringing in your boat to the storage facility, make sure you prepare it properly. This way it will come out of storage in perfect condition, ready to hit the water.
Change your oil. As with a car, used oil contains acids and water that can lead to rusting.
Disconnect the battery so it doesn’t drain out and die while in storage.
Fill the petrol tank to avoid corrosion from condensation.
Clean your boat thoroughly, then finish off with a layer of protective wax. The wax helps protect the boat from rust.
Once the boat is in the storage facility, put on a protective boat cover before locking up.

We have a security company based on the premises offering 24 hour surveillance and security to ensure peace of mind for all our customers. You can feel safe using our boat storage facilities.

This page was last edited on 18 September 2017