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Self Storage in South Africa

Welcome to Self Storage

What is Self storage?

Renting out a self storage unit is something many people will do at some point in their life. Whether you’re moving house, making space at home or storing vehicles for the off-season, self storage is an affordable way to keep your property clean, safe, and secure. Good self storage companies will go the extra mile to keep your belongings safe. They will have not only gates, electric fencing and an alarm, but will also have on-site security to patrol the property and ensure the safety of your items.

Renting out a self storage unit is luckily quite a straightforward procedure. Rental agreements are usually on a month-to-month basis, and the pricing depends on the size of the unit you rent. If you are unsure what size you need, you can contact the self storage company you want to use, and they can guide you with selecting the best unit for your needs.

You will either be provided with a lock, or you will need to provide your own. No one at the self storage facility will have access to your unit, so you don’t need to worry about anyone gaining access to your items.

Types of Storage

We offer many types of storage, from Car Storage to Wine Storage, Document Storage to Airport Storage. Call us to discuss your requirements. Most of our facilities are multi use, so there is no problem if you have Document Storage with Business furniture or Wine Storage with your University Storage.

Prices for Storage

Different types of storage have different costs. Indoor storage is obviously more expensive than outdoor storage. For details about the prices for storage please visit our Compare Storage Prices page. Cape Town has some innovative micro storage starting from just R270 per month while in Johannesburg a 4m2 storage space is going for only R399 per month. Note that these prices are Storage Specials and are limited (correct in March 2017).

Storage locations

With Storage in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, you are bound to find storage that is close to you. Visit our Storage Locations pages for more details on where you can store your belongings: